Three pieces Cryptanthus Bivittatus plant with a light pink dark pink and yellow-orange variegation running through the leaves
Zoom in shot of Cryptanthus bivittatus highlighting the leaf texture that is wavy black and pink leaves
Zoom in shot of Cryptanthus bivittatus highlighting the leaf texture that is mainly green with pink edges arround the leaves.
Zoom in shot of Cryptanthus bivittatus showing the leaf texture that is pink with some slight green spots on the leaves.

Cryptanthus plant pack

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About the Cryptanthus plant pack

The alien-looking death stars are called Cryptanthus. Even though they look like succulents, they actually prefer high humidity! They are part of the Bromeliad family. They prefer an indirect light source as they come from the floors of rainforests. They are the perfect terrarium plant if you are looking to spice up the colors. 

Terrarium substrate mix

Best for closed terrarium


Indirect sunlight

Shipping plants!?

Sending plants in a box over the country can seem like a scary thing. You wouldn’t want to have your new babies arriving with a damaged leaf, or even worse, rotted and dead! Through research, trial and mostly error we have come up with a fool-proof way to send your plants safely to your doorstep.

We ship our plants with pots, in an eco-friendly kraft paper sleeve.

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