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Sybren Bies

"Providing you with personal service in your adventure of creating and caring for a terrarium"

5% of profits go to planting trees

5% of profits go to OneTreePlanted, to plant trees. 
I teamed up with OneTreePlanted.
One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to global reforestation.
They plant trees to restore nature and biodiversity. 

This really resonates with Sybotanica and I am very happy to be in a partnership.

Personal connection

I value personal connection a lot. For me the fun in the business comes from spreading my passion for nature with other people. It has always been my dream to pursue this, and Sybotanica allows me to.

Every order will have a handwritten note, thanking you for your order :)

I am open to answer any questions surrounding Terrariums, plants, reptiles and insects and other nature related hobby's! Or if you just want to talk, that is totally fine too! Connect with me via the live chat or at info@sybotanica.com

Local nursery's

The current economy is unsustainable, we will have to turn to a circular economy if we want to succeed as a society.

I play my part in this by favoring local wholesale whenever possible. The plants are all cultivated in local nursery's, and most products are also sourced local, or as local as possible!

Packaging is also the most ecological option available, with filling being biodegradable.