3 pieces Mixed Fern with a bright green leaves and fronds shapes, all of which have a grass green color
Zoom in shot showing three different types of fern&
A zoom in shot showing the leaves of a fern. The fern has big wide leaves with sharpish points sticking out at the edges.
Top down zoom shot showing the three different types of ferns and the different textures and colors that come along them
A picture of a fern plant, showing its leafs, the color, texture and a red plant pot in which the plant stands.
A picture of a fern plant with thin leaves that are bright green inside of a red plant pot.
A picture of a fern plant with leaves that are green inside of a red plant pot, the leafs are on both sides of the stem

Gemengde Varens | 3x | Ø 8cm

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About the Gemengde Varens | 3x | Ø 8cm

Deze varens zijn een vaste waarde in elk terrarium, hun interessante bladstructuur zorgt voor een mooie textuur. Ze zijn ook gemakkelijk te splitsen zodat je ze in meerdere projecten kunt gebruiken. 


Tropische kamerplantengrondmix

Best geschikt voor gesloten terrarium

Water geven

Helder indirect zonlicht

Shipping plants!?

Sending plants in a box over the country can seem like a scary thing. You wouldn’t want to have your new babies arriving with a damaged leaf, or even worse, rotted and dead! Through research, trial and mostly error we have come up with a fool-proof way to send your plants safely to your doorstep.

We ship our plants bare-rooted, so the soil can’t damage the plant. By using a combination of bags & bubble wrap to create a comfy space for your plant while it travels. 

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