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Fittonia Hill
Bob Whitenstall
Great new hobby!

I love my Fittonia Hill. Watching what the springtails get up to is a daily occupation.
The quality is excellent and the delivery was fast and efficient.
I'll be back!
Highly recommended.

Belle plante

Arrivée intacte, belle plante !

He's so beautifull and veryHEALTHY!THANK U SO MUCH!Nelly IRELAND😊


Scandens Brasil
Jona Grünefeld
Pretty Plant

She is so lovely. Look at her.

Love it!

The plant is soooo beautiful! Even more in reality than on picture because you can not see its beautiful pattern. Totally in love!

Great stuff.

I was nervous potting up my carnivorous plants as I'm new to them...I thralled the net and ended up buying soil from SYBotanica. Got boggled with the choice on the net..... but... I'm very happy with the results. Three weeks ago I potted them up... these are how they are now.... ALIVE!!!

Coco Coir | 3L
Johan Digneffe
Just what i needed!!

Long time looking for coco coir, and found it here,even so the natural wormcasting! So glad i have it to grown the christia obcordata experiment! Cheap and good quality and nice communication with seller!

Very happy customer!

I’m super pleased with my purchase, it’s good quality and it arrived faster than the expected delivery date.

I’m very happy and will purchase from here again.

Lovely plant pot

Pretty little plant pot - pleased with purchase

Beautiful plant!

Arrived with very dry soil and most leaves were brown at edges and ends, had to cut 3 of them on the arrival day. However, after a month now, it's stabilizing with a bit more humidity and care. Currently producing 4 new leaves, so soon it will look like brand new and fresh! This is a very demanding plant, so you need to be a bit patient and it can arrive a bit dry here and there when it arrives. With good care will recover surely!

Pianta in ottime condizioni

La pianta è arrivata in condizioni perfette e ad oggi dopo un mese è super in salute

Sphagnum moss | 3L
paul murphy

Excellent stock and availability. Super fast delivery. right price, couldn't ask for more.

Bonsai mix | 5L
Julien van der Ree
Good quality, heavily overpriced

As the title states, the quality of the soil is really decent. Drainage is good, mixture is as advertised. There is one flaw which is that it is heavily overpriced. I wanted to have the same soil components but in smaller amounts since I do not have that much storage. If I did have the storage to store larger bags I would have bought every component individually and mixed it myself. A quick estimate would result in similar pricing but at least 3 times as much soil.

Delivery and packaging was quick and not disappointing.

beautifull plant

I am very happy with my purchase, I got more cuts than I excpected and the quality is really good, they all survived :-)


Zeer luchtige Potgrond, ik ben er zeker van dat mijn queen deze zal appreciëren 👍

Marble Queen
Robert Dunne
Very Good!

Came quickly and in great condition. Plants are growing great !

Nice package

Very little community, but give them a new home with water and some dried food and they'll be happy!

Prince Of Orange

The prince of orange plant came exactly as pictured above on the website, very good healthy roots. Within a few weeks time, a new leaf had formed with a beautiful orange shine. 100% recommend

My plants love it

I decided to give this mix a go, and it's truly an upgrade from the regular soil I was using. My plants are noticeably happy, thank you!

Pink Princess
Nelly S
Philodendron Pink Princess

I ordered from sybotanica for the first time a few weeks ago to ireland. My plants came in 5 days time, they looked very healthy and roots in amazing condition. I also really liked the websites payment intergration system,very easy. At this time i have ordered around 10 plants from sybotanica which i love,their growing very healthy. I highlly reccommend the company. The pink princess roots were great and its fast growing right before your eyes it came with much soil and in a plastic bag. The main note is that all the plants roots are in brilliant condition! 5++++

Closed Terrrarium Kit
Francesca Lundstrom
Great gift possibilities

I’m making several terraria for friends who all will reach their 70th birthday in the next two months. The kit from Sybotanica is a marvellous foundation for the construction. I’m very pleased with the kits and have planted in
pots the two sets of plants on standby. Well done Sybotanica!

It came as described

It came as described, it took time to detangle the cuttings but otherwise healthy and rooted.

Closed terrarium kit
Ms Lucia Sanchez
Just what I needed

Simple kit with no plants, enough for a big terrarium and for a nice price

Aroid mix | 5L
Daionel Werleman
Premium Aroid mix

The price is ok, the mix is not amazing, but pretty good nonetheless.