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Greening up your office can be quite a challenge if you don't have green thumbs. You could hire somebody else to care for the plants, but what if there was a care-free solution that didn't involve fake plastic plants? 

Terrarium In A Restaurant

Terrariums are the answer! We offer many options to help create an inviting atmosphere in a sustainable way. From design to placement, we got you covered. Our self-sustaining eco-systems are care-free and become real eye-catchers. 

Get in contact to explore the possibilities, to give you a quick overview of our services:
- Design & placement of custom-made terrariums. 
- Corporate gifting
- Complete team-building activities

All terrariums can be custom-made to your likings, including 3D logo, brand colors & other customizations. 

Services & Options


Strengthen and express your brand. We can use colored plants, rocks & other materials to completely customize the terrariums to match your brand.

3D Logo

We can 3D print your logo to give that extra touch to your personal terrariums.

Corporate gifting

Gift a lasting, sustainable gift to your employees. You can either pick one of our kits or we will design a custom one for you. Engraving of the lid & stickers are also possible.

We can handle individual shipment to your employees for EU & UK.



We were super happy with the final result- including those who received the lovely terrariums. Thank you again for all the hard work and effort to making this roll out so smoothly, we really appreciate it and hope to stay in contact in the future!

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