Designed to make your plant-care easier

Quenching your plant's thirst is an art form. But fear not, we're here to help! Our potting soil ensures your soil stays just right, neither too dry nor too wet.

The structure and components of our potting soil hold onto the perfect amount of water for your plants. Less watering worries, more plant pampering!

Full of microbial life

Our soil is bioactive and teeming with microbial life thanks to fresh worm castings.

It can be home to helpful critters like springtails, isopods, and the predatory mite "Macrocheles robustulus" – what awe-inspiring name! Springtails and isopods help convert decomposed matter into nutrients without interfering with the plants. The predatory mites specialize in attacking the eggs, larvae, and pupae of fungus gnats, thrips, and fruit flies. So, it's like having your own personal defense line!

While the soil is being cleared of adult worms, the eggs can still hatch in the soil. WORMS IN MY SOIL? YES! That's a good sign! It signifies incredibly fresh worm castings. Earthworms feast on decaying plant matter, keeping the soil airy and producing fresh nutrients. They also regulate their own population (along with springtails, isopods, and predatory mites). So, once there's no more decaying matter, they'll gradually disappear.

Our commitment to responsible production.

At Sybotanica we not only want to make plants happy, but people happy as well. In our production team we exclusively hire people with a distance from the workforce, and help them rehabilitate to the normal working life.

Take Peter for example:

Peter has been with Sybotanica since the 1st hour, and has now been promoted to head of production & a permanent contract! Where he was the first employee, he now manages a team of 3 production workers.

What makes this achievement even more impressive is that Peter achieved all this with only 10% visibility! 🕶️ With a few minor adjustments to his working environment, Peter is able to perform his job 100%.

Peter has now been through two moves and knows all the ins & outs of Sybotanica. He can even feel by the potting soil which variety it is. That's quite a challenge with 16 different mixes!

We are confident that Peter will keep production running smoothly in the coming years too! 💪

We don't think peat is so neat!

It becomes too compact over time, leading to a state where it no longer absorbs water.

That's why we opt for coconut fiber and worm castings, keeping your potting soil delightfully airy and usable for much longer. Much more environmentally friendly in its use & less CO2!

Handmixed coconut-based soil blends for your plants. Give your plants the soil they deserve. Not sure what soil mix works for your plant? Use our SYBASoil guide




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