A 5 liter bag of Lithops & Splitrock Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Lithops & Splitrock Mix.
Lithops & Split Rock mix
A zoomed in picture showing the texture of the Lithops & Splitrock mix.
A 5 liter bag of Lithops & Splitrock Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Lithops & Splitrock Mix with a hand ontop of it.
Four different images showing the different measurements and sizes for each sized bag.
A zoomed in picture showing the texture of the Lithops & Splitrock mix.
Lithops & Split Rock mix
Lithops & Split Rock mix

Lithops & Split Rock mix

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Check out this pot volume calculator tool to calculate how much Lithops & Split Rock mix you need.

Why order SYBASoil Lithops & Split Rock mix?

- Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!
- Improved root development
- Organic nutrients & booming microbial life
- The soil your plant deserves

Not sure if the Lithops & Split Rock mix is right for your plant?

Check out the SYBASoil guide Lithops & Split Rock mix in a hand

How to use the Lithops & Split Rock (Pleiospilos) Soil Mix

Using the mix is easy!  start with removing as much of the old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen up the plant. Run the roots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last pieces and bits. 

Also, make sure to remove any dead foliage that may still be on the plant using scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Lithops & Split Rock soil. Add a small layer of Lithops & Split Rock mix at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot, and slowly add Lithops & Split Rock soil to the sides to fill it up. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the plant is just buried under the Lithops & Split Rock soil. 

Lightly pat the Lithops & Split Rock mix down into the pot. Make sure to water the Lithops & Split Rock mix thoroughly after repotting, as this helps settle the mix and roots down.

Why the Lithops & Split Rock mix works. 

The lithops mix drains very quickly because of the perlite & pumice, the sand helps weigh the plants down and the small number of worm castings assist in holding onto a bit of water when you do water so that they have ample time to take a drink.

The original habitat of the Lithops plants

Lithops & Splitrocks originate from rocky, sandy deserts where the sun is plenty and water is sparse. They rely on sparse rainfalls and some species even solely rely on mist! They thrive in well-draining soil consisting mainly of rocks & sand. This lithops mix mimics that environment

How to care for Lithops plants

Lithops require very little water and nutrients. It is advised to only water your lithops once a month in the summer, and stop watering completely around the start of winter. A good way to check is if the lithops is starting to wrinkle, that means it is ready for another drink. It does not require a lot of fertilisers, but can be fed during the blooming season to encourage flower growth. 

Lithops prefer lots of early morning sun, and partial shade during the afternoon. While they do need lots of light, the heat of the sun can cause burns & damage their foliage. 

Lithops & Split Rock mix

Ingredients of SYBASoil Lithops & Split Rock mix:


While the names of the mixes are great guidelines, they don't cover all species. To help you with this we have created the SYBASoil guide!

Our packaging is completely recyclable. The labels are made of kraft paper and can be composted. The bag's can be either re-used or disposed with your local plastic recycling service.

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