Enter pot size to calculate soil volume. 

15 cm
20 cm

If the pot is differently shaped (Square, oval, e.t.c.), the calculations might not be accurate. You can also check out the plant pots product pages to check their total volume.

The right amount for the best results

The importance of calculating the volume of your plant pot is not only in the amount of potting soil you need, but also in the quality of the soil itself. If you have too little potting soil, you will have to order extra or mix another ingredient into the SYBASoil.

This can also lead to the amount of nutrients in your soil not being optimal for your plant, thus compromising your plant's growth and quality. By getting just enough SYBASoil in your home, you can be assured of the right proportions and nutrients for your particular plant. This way, your green friend can get the best care it deserves.

Save effort

Sometimes it may seem unnecessary to calculate the volume of your plant pot, but it can save you a lot of stress and disappointment if your plant does not grow well or even dies.

Besides, it is a waste of money to buy too much or too little potting soil, whereas you can easily calculate the exact volume with our handy tool.

This way, you are guaranteed a healthy and fast-growing plant, without having to fiddle with the right proportions of ingredients.

Pot volume calculator by Sybotanica

Calculating the volume of your plant pot may seem like a simple detail, but it is hugely important for a healthy and happy plant.

At Sybotanica, we have designed a handy tool that allows you to easily calculate the volume of your plant pot, so that you get just enough potting soil to provide your plant with the optimal growing environment.

So you no longer have to worry about disappointing growth performance or expensive potting soil you don't need. Give your plants the best care, and order your SYBASoil today.