Why would you choose SYBASoil over regular potting soil?

Why would you choose SYBASoil over regular potting soil?

Happy and healthy plants

While soil can seem boring at first, after seeing how it affects your plants you won’t think twice about buying quality plant-specific soil! Apart from the great benefits SYBASoil has for your plants, it is also much better for nature. Want to know why? Read on!

The perfect mix

Each plant has its own care requirements. So it would only be logical to give each plant a soil mix suited to its particular needs. While buying a regular mix and adding components to it can definitely work, it is a whole lot easier & more efficient to buy a plant-specific mix. This way you are guaranteed that the mix is tailored to your plant. Your plants will thank you for it later. 

Coco coir instead of sphagnum peat

Most regular store-bought potting soils are made up of peat. While peat is a great base for a soil, it is not a sustainable resource. It’s harvesting has a negative influence on the peat bog ecosystems. There is another major drawback, peat becomes hydrophobic when it dries out. This means it becomes very hard to rehydrate your soil once it has dried out completely. 

Coco coir, like peat moss, is great for aeration and water retention. However unlike peat it is a completely eco-friendly option. Coco coir also needs less water to achieve the same amount of hydration. It doesn’t dry out, and can even be washed and reused after using it! 

Lastly, coco coir has an almost neutral PH of 7, making it a great base for a wide variety of plants. That’s why we exclusively use Coco coir as a base in SYBASoil. 

Filtering out the bad stuff

Rot, mold and other nasty stuff can be very harmful to your plant. While preventing it completely is quite hard, the addition of Activated Carbon powder helps remove toxins and bad microorganisms in it’s porous structure. These great characteristics have earned it a spot in every SYBASoil mix. 

Only organic fertilizers

Most regular potting soils use either synthetic fertilizers or incomplete organic fertilizers. SYBASoil uses its own fertilizer made up worm castings in combination with organic fertilizers from DCM. This combi actually contains all nutrients from macro to trace elements your plants need to become happy.

It is a sustainable resource that doesn’t negatively affect the ecosystem, even if you were to use it in your garden. 

Made with love

SYBASoil is mixed completely by hand. While it isn’t the most efficiënt way, it makes sure we can check each mix carefully for quality & consistency.

No plant left behind

While the 15 mixes we currently have cover a lot of plants, obviously there are still many more plants out there. To combat this we have created the SYBASoil guide. Just type in the name of your plant and the perfect mix will appear! 

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