A 5 liter bag of Aroid Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Aroid Mix.
Aroid mix
Four different images showing the different measurements and sizes for each sized bag.
Aroid mix
A 5 liter bag of Aroid Mix sitting ontop of a pile of Aroid Mix with a hand ontop of the bag.
Aroid mix
Aroid mix

Aroid mix

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Check out this pot volume calculator tool to calculate how much Aroid mix you need.

Why order SYBASoil Aroid mix?

- Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!
- Improved root development
- Organic nutrients & booming microbial life
- The soil your plant deserves

Not sure if the Aroid mix is right for your plant?

Check out the SYBASoil guide Aroid mix in a hand

How to use the Aroid Soil Mix

Using the mix is easy!  start with removing as much of the old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen up the plant. Run the roots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last pieces and bits. 

Also, make sure to remove any dead foliage that may still be on the plant using scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Aroid soil. Add a small layer of Aroid mix at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot, and slowly add Aroid soil to the sides to fill it up. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the plant is just buried under the Aroid soil. 

Lightly pat the Aroid mix down into the pot. Ensure to water the Aroid mix thoroughly after repotting, as this helps settle the mix and roots down.

How the aroid mix works

With years of experience in caring for these aroids, Sybotanica has come up with the best formula. The aroid mix contains lots of worm castings, which add to the microbial life of the soil. Worm castings contain a high level of nutrients that they leach slowly, so your plant can never burn. 

The aroid mix allows the larger aroid roots to access the oxygen they need to grow big and healthy by having a larger quantity of perlite and coco husk. The coco coir is a great sustainable base that doesn’t compact and holds on to the water for a longer time, without staying too wet. This way you can wait longer before watering your aroid again.

SYBASoil is hand mixed weekly at our greenhouse to ensure freshness by people with a disability. This coco coir-based mix contains 0% peat and only organic nutrients. This ready-to-go aroid mix ensures a speedy repot with great results. The added activated carbon prevents root rot, mould, and other contaminants from hurting your beloved aroid. 

The aroid mix is tested and loved by 100’s of plant keepers for both standard aroids and rare & exotic species with amazing results. For sustainable & easy repotting, this aroid mix is the best choice. Thick roots & healthy plants are only one bag away. 

    The original habitat of the aroid plants

    Aroids originate from tropical rainforests where the humidity is high. They live in well-draining, airy & often constantly moist soil. The rainforest floor is full of nutrients from composted organic matter. 

    How to care for aroid’s

    Most aroid’s like a moderate amount of water, let the top 2 inches of soil dry out between watering. You can stick your finger in to test if the soil is ready for some fresh water. As they are tropical, they prefer higher humidity.

    They prefer a normal amount of fertiliser and will grow larger when combined with a moss pole, as this mimics their natural habitat where they climb up onto trees, rocks & other objects. They prefer indirect sunlight and do well in bathrooms, as the humidity is usually higher!

    Would you rather mix your own soil? We got you covered! Read this. 

    Aroid mix

    Ingrediënts of SYBASoil Aroid Mix:


    While the names of the mixes are great guidelines, they don't cover all species. To help you with this we have created the SYBASoil guide!

    Our packaging is completely recyclable. The labels are made of kraft paper and can be composted. The bag's can be either re-used or disposed with your local plastic recycling service.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Excellent Soil Mix!

    I’ve planted a couple of Monstera in this soil and they are all doing well. My Monstera Variegata even has a new leaf coming out! Very happy with it.

    Sorina Littel

    Schneller Lieferung und ich habe gleich meine Variegata eingepflanzt. Was soll ich sagen? 1 Woche später kommt schon ein Blatt!! 😍😍🥰👍🏼

    Danny Roeten

    Naast dat ik het een beetje aan de prijs vond, wilde ik het toch proberen! Ik moet zeggen, nu ik heb geprobeerd, wil ik niets anders meer! Deze potgrond is ideaal! Mijn planten en ik zijn er echt heel erg blij mee. Ze er gelukkiger uit en ik ben eindelijk van de vervelende potgrondvliegjes af! Zeker weten een aanrader!

    Jana Wetzorke

    Very good.

    Sys M.
    Exactly what I needed

    The soil is very good. I will definitely get more and refer it to my friends and family.

    Yvonne van Keeken

    Ik ben heel blij met mn bestelling en ga meteen een nieuwe bestelling plaatsen.

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