Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots
Aroid/Orchid pots

Aroid/Orchid pots

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About Aroid/Orchid pots

These see-through pots are great cost-effective pots for when you want to keep an eye out on the roots of your plant. They work especially well for cuttings as you can gauge when they are rooted in properly. All pots come in packs of 5. 

Perfect for tropical species
These pots are best suited for moisture-loving plants like Aroids, Alocasia's, Calathea's, Maranta's & orchids as they are non-porous, meaning the water can't breathe out. Terracotta & other clay pots are porous, meaning they breathe out moisture. These pots are made from PP5 plastic and fully recyclable.

Due to their large drainage holes & transparency, they are especially useful for thick-rooted plants that have to be watered often, like Orchids or Aroids. 

Special drainage holes
These aroid pots contain larger drainage holes preventing waterlogging, due to the bottom coming up into the pot, the water tension breaks easier. This prevents a small layer of water from sitting at the bottom of the pot. This is a common issue with nursery pots. 

Both our SYBASoil & semi-hydro mediums like LECASphagnum mossPerlite & Pon (pon only for cacti, or place it in a decorative pot so there is still a water reservoir) work great with these pots. 

Want some great tips on repotting your plants? Read this. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Très bons pots

Pots transparents bien proportionnés, percés, solides, parfaits pour surveiller la croissance des racines.

Je n'ai eu aucun problème pour trouver des cache-pots adaptés aux 11.5cm, ça colle parfaitement aux pots Gina Da Eno. Pour les plus petites tailles, c'est plus difficile car ces pots sont plus profonds que les pots de pépinière de diamètre équivalent. Ils dépassent de mes cache-pot !

Des indispensables

Pot de bonne qualités et à bon prix, toujours bon d’en avoir d’avance

Top! Aanrader!

Zeer goede en stevige potten met goede drainage gaten. Het licht kan aan de wortels dus niet alleen kan je zo de wortelgroei beter zien en beter mee opvolgen, ik hoef niet telkens de pot meer op te lichten om te zien wanneer de plant water nodig heeft ik kan het ook zien aan de kleur van de aarde/korrels binnenin nu dus win win for us ;) :)

Pots adaptés aux boutures et petites plantes

Bon format pour mes petites plantes (cf photo), pour aussi visionner le réseau racinaire.

Goede potten.

Erg tevreden met dit soort potten, speciaal voor orchideeën.

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